Most people think that the reason why runners are unable to finish marathons is injury. You might be surprised to know that this is not accurate because the primary cause is gastrointestinal problems. This fact underlines the importance of nutrition and good eating habits when training for a marathon. Developing stamina and strength; buying the best running shoes and gear – all these will come to naught when you go long-distance running, if you are not nutritionally prepared for it. As it is, a good diet should be part of your marathon training plan.

There are many types of nutritious food available today; but as a runner, you have to focus on those that will not only give you essential nutrients but also keep you at peak performance all the time. Basically, these are foods that provide the most vitamins and minerals for every calorie. Read More

If you have been running for quite some time and are considering of joining a marathon for the very first time, be prepared to be physically and mentally challenged. Apparently, you will start training months before the big event and you will be needing lots of discipline and commitment to pull it off. There will certainly be days when you will seriously think of giving up. On an encouraging note, remember that less than one percent of the planet’s population has completed a marathon. You are about to embark on a journey that will count you as one of the world’s running elite. Read More

Runners are a dedicated lot. There are some who say that runners focus in order to run long distances. Others say that runners become focused because they run a lot. Whatever the case, the runner mentality starts to leak out in other parts of their lives. The truth is, runners are great messengers, not because they run long distances, but because running long distances change a person’s personality and psyche. Whatever message that is printed on a runner’s shirt, you can be sure that they do mean it.

Ever wonder why Nike shirts are so popular? That’s because they’re very motivating and they get the athletes into the right frame of mind. “Just Do It” became a very popular slogan for everything. After that, other sports brands started coming up with their own statement shirts. This has sparked a long line of shirts with slogans, internet memes and other kinds of custom designs.

Custom t shirts are ideal for runners especially for groups who are running marathons or fun runs together. The fabric or material must be sweat-wicking because runners sweat a lot while in action. The sweat-wicking properties will help the runners feel a bit more comfortable while trying to complete several laps or the entire stretch of the run itself. The group can easily be identified if all the members are wearing the same shirt, with the same slogan and with the names of the members at the back or at the front of the shirt near the breast area.

You can choose to have these shorts custom made for you, your family or your group of friends. You can wear this whenever you attend a fun run or any other marathon and it will be a nice thing to set you apart from the sea of runners who are also attending the event. You can choose the style and design to mirror your slogan or belief. For example, you are running to raise cash for charities, that could be the statement or slogan on your shirt.

It will also help other like-minded individuals recognize you and hopefully, be interested in becoming part of your group as well. Words have power, so choose wisely what slogan you’ll have printed on your custom shirts.

Marathon is a sport that you can compete not only inside the country, but internationally as well. Carrying your country’s name when you participate on these international competitions gives a different kind of pride and happiness. This is why you strive harder for the glory of your country. Joining competitions in various countries also let you meet different people and explore their culture. Each trip and competition is an experience that you cannot forget.

Aside from the physical preparation for the marathon game, you also need to prepare everything that you would need for your travel including your luggage, ticket and accommodation. Another important thing that you should consider is your travel insurance. Many people don’t think that this is vital but it actually is. This could give you coverage in case of accidents, hospitalization, loss, etc. while traveling abroad.

Common Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel insurance companies vary on the type of coverage they offer, as well as their terms and cost. Here are some of the most common coverage included in this type of insurance.

  • Medical Insurance – when traveling to a foreign country, you are more at risk of getting sick since you may not be used to the weather and the foods they eat. Moreover, since you are more likely to try various activities, you are also at risk of being injured. If you get sick or injured, this will cover your hospitalization and medication.
  • Trip Cancellation – this will give you coverage in case of the interruption or cancellation of flight. There are various reasons on why the flight may be delayed or cancelled, including delay in the processing of documents, bad weather and illness.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance – this is different from the medical coverage as this would cover the expenses needed in case you need to be transferred from one place to another in order to be treated.
  • Sporting Injuries – as a marathon participant, you may need this coverage as this would cover the injuries you sustain in case of an accident during the event.

Compare quotes so you can find an insurance that gives the coverage you need at the most reasonable price. There are travel insurance companies like HBF Travel that offers discount for those who buy their insurance online, so you may want to check this out to save on your purchase.

When you are into marathon, it is suggested that you check out marathon events hosted in various places. This will help you maximize more the benefits that marathon can offer instead of just waiting for the time when a marathon event is hosted in your area. There are a lot of organizations hosting marathon events. A lot of them are for charity purposes and others are just for fun. Whatever your reason is, you will still end up as the winner considering all the health benefits that you will get. Before traveling to join the race, here are some tips that you need to consider:

• Make sure that you book your hotel in advance. If it is a big marathon event, there will be lots of people from around the world joining it. Thus, you need to book in advance so you can get a hotel which is near the location of the race. You also need a hotel that is quiet and will make you feel relaxed prior to the race. You should not be stressed out at all as this can affect your game. You also need to get lots of sleep before the competition so you will have the energy you need.

• Eat well prior to the competition. In fact, you need to store energy before you leave your home, during travel and a day before the race. You should also bring your medications with you so that you won’t have to deal with medical issues during the race. You should also bring lots of energy drink to keep you up throughout the race.

• Make sure all your travel documents are with you. You also need your marathon registration forms and tickets. You need to bring your marathon essentials such as marathon outfit, socks, shoes, sunscreen, wristwatch and anything else that you need. They must be secured in your bag. You need to have a checklist before leaving the house so that you won’t forget anything.

When you have everything ready, you will surely have a great race. If you wish to have a customized tour before and after the competition, you can check out world tours here for more details. You will definitely make the most out of this trip.

Running is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to lose weight, but at the same time, it’s also a great hobby. You get to meet new people, travel to new places, and the runner’s high is pretty cool as well. However, between all the sweat and hard work, you’re bound to lose a lot of energy. When you do, you’ll be trapped in a lethargic mood. This is why nutrition is so important for those that like to work out or run. The only real way to counter the lethargy is to eat well and stock up on energy. Here are a couple of meals that are sure to keep you energized during each marathon.

1. Almond Protein Shake

To make this shake, you’ll need a scoop of protein powder, 1 tablespoon each of slivered almonds and low-fat Greek yoghurt, a teaspoon of sugar-free maple syrup, three drops of vanilla extract and finally, a cup of light soy milk. If you wish to make it a cool drink, try adding a few cubes of ice. The best blender for smoothies and shakes depends on the model type, but you can make do with an ordinary food processor if you don’t have anything fancy on hand. This shake is intended for gym goers who want to build bulk but don’t want to feel heavy after each drink.

2. Salted Potatoes

This recipe is very simple; you only need to slice, salt, and bake some potatoes. Ireland will probably never have a shortage of spuds and the world probably won’t either. Salted Potatoes work because they’re light, easy to make, and if each slice will have enough carbs to keep you energized if you eat on a schedule.

3. Nuts and Seeds

Pumpkin seeds and roasted almonds are great as a pre-workout snack. They’re complex carbohydrates, so they break down much more slowly. That will, in turn, keep you energized for longer, and you will need that energy if you work out for extended periods of time or enjoy distance running.

To keep a healthy lifestyle, you have to do a lot more than just run, but you’ll find that the hard work will pay off in the long run.

I’ve noticed lately that it feels increasingly hard for me to make healthy food quickly without having to spend hours on end in the kitchen. I love cooking, but it’s still really annoying at times – some days you just can’t do it, either because you really don’t have the time or because you really don’t feel like it. At the same time I hate to resort to fast food that’s just not healthy. Some chains have started introducing so called “healthy” alternatives, but I just don’t feel like I can trust them on that.

As such I’ve been exploring some new ways of breaking in some really easy to make and quick food without having to resort to fast food. Enjoy this little list of mine!

1. Juicing is the New Rage

It’s extremely easy and for that matter healthy by its own nature – you can of course also make sugary smoothies if you feel like being unhealthy for a while, but if you want the right type of nutrients without all the fats and sugars there are plenty of excellent recipes on the net – and a industrial juicer that makes 50 gallons of the stuff in an hour! Sorry, got distracted, juicing is also perfect if you want to get something to bring with you to work or to the gym.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you’ve missed out on the whole juicing craze, you must have been living under some kind of rock. This really is the new big thing, and it looks like it’s going to stay for a long time. With a juicer (or a blender for that matter, albeit not really as good for the purpose) you simply put in vegetables or fruits, mix it up, and pour up a delicious drink.

I wouldn’t say it’s underrated seeing as juicers are the most popular lifestyle products right now. I’ve been doing a self taught course and after reading countless Omega juicer reviews I got this one and can recommend it, in case you are interested in this approach to increasing your fruit and veg intake.

2. Sandwiches Are Back, in a Healthy Way

Yes, I know – sandwiches have gotten a bad rap as of late. It’s the typical “I’m too lazy to actually eat” snack, and it’s often incredibly unhealthy, fatty, and for that matter not just very interesting. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Sandwiches can actually be both healthy and interesting if you just put your mind to it. At first it might be somewhat of a hassle, but you quickly get into it.

First off, make sure to use dark bread instead of white, and you suddenly skip on the majority of the unhealthy stuff in a normal sandwich. Second off, skip the super fat – it’s common to use too much butter or cheese, which tastes good but which is also extremely unhealthy. Consider replacing the butter with an olive paste, either homemade or store bought. The third part is generally common sense: make sure to use lots of vegetables. Anything from cucumber and sandwich salad to pepper, tomato and onion is perfect.

They’re especially perfect when you’re on the go and need something you can bring along when walking or in the car. They’re not just quick to make but also to eat, and most kids love them. Amazing, easy, and so underrated!

3. Quick Salads Without the Dressing

Salads are known for two things depending on the circle. If you’re a regular Joe, you probably think of them as tasteless, boring, annoyingly healthy alternatives to tasty burgers. If you’re a health nut, you’re probably outraged that people keep calling them healthy even though they’re actually quite unhealthy with all the fat dressing on top.

Well, there’s another way. Salads can actually be extremely tasty without the dressing, and they’re also extremely easy and quick to make. Just put salad, cucumber, and pepper in a bowl along with some nuts and seeds, and you’re golden. To spice it all up you could add raisins!

It’s simply a lie that you can’t make fast food both tasty and healthy, and these are just three examples of the dozens of meals you can make. Keep at it!

When it comes to doing marathons, you need to make sure that you are in peak physical condition. For some people, this is an easy task; for others, like me, it isn’t. In my case, I actually have asthma. Because of my condition, the smallest of things can make me too weak to do marathons. For this reason, I make it a point to address everything that could lead to me missing out on a planned marathon. Still, sometimes, there are things that you just can’t prepare for. In this post, I’m going to talk about how I almost missed out on a marathon during my stay in Toronto because of an unexpected problem: my friend’s roofing situation.

When I went to Toronto about a few months ago, I ended up staying at my friend’s place. Unfortunately, this friend of mine had minor roofing problems, and unfortunately, I was already about to catch my flight to Toronto when I found out about it. If you didn’t know, roofing problems can actually lead to asthma attacks, albeit indirectly. This is because roof problems, even the really small ones, can cause mold to grow in a home, and for people who have asthma, even a fair bit of mold can actually cause them to exhibit asthmatic reactions. These reactions can even be fatal.

I almost backed out of the race because of what I found out but thankfully, to many citizens of toronto roofer problems such as roof leaks are very easy to handle. My friend didn’t even have to call contractors from roofing companies Toronto residential property owners can hire. After finding out about my condition, my friend immediately set out to repair the leaks in his home and then removed the mold in it. Thankfully, there wasn’t that much mold in his home. If there was, then it would have taken a few days in order to fully remove it.

By the time I arrived at the Toronto airport, my friend had already cleaned his home and fixed his roofing problems. Because of this, I was able to have a stay that was very amazing. The best part was that I ended up being in peak physical health during the marathon. I ended up having a great performance (one of my best, actually) in the marathon.

My experience just goes to show that even though you have a severe health condition, this doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t participate in marathons and other strenuous sporting events. With adequate preparation, you can actually do better than people who don’t even have a severe health condition or two.

Hopefully, this post of mine inspires people to become diligent in preparing themselves for strenuous sporting events. Preparation isn’t just a matter of exercising; it’s also a matter of making sure that no external thing can cause you to become too weak to participate in the sporting event. If you have asthma like me, then make sure that the place you’re staying at does not have roofing problems. By doing this alone, you improve your chances of being able to do your best in a marathon.

The marathon is the longest road distance running competition, run over 42.195 kilometres (26 miles, 385 yards).  The race is run to commemorate the legend of a Greek messenger/soldier Pheidippides, who ran the distance from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to convey the good tidings of victory.

It is the most grueling race when run as a competition, calling for unbelievable levels of stamina and health. Most winners so far, both male and female, have been slim and short (<170 cm, 5 feet 8 inches), with nary an ounce of extra weight. They are fully shaven all over the body, except the head. Exposing a bare head to the sun for over two hours plus is extremely dangerous. The weight lost by a man removing hair is less than 30 gm (an ounce). So why do these athletes get rid of all excess hair? It is for other medical reasons, to preclude rashes, abrasions, etc., faster absorption of regularly sprinkled water for cooling and rehydrating the body and making it easier for quick recovery after the race, with a full body massage.

These athletes have many options to choose from:

  • Waxing
  • Electrolysis
  • Laser hair removal techniques

The ideal choice would be the laser hair removal technique. There are many advantages, like permanence after perhaps three to four sessions. A beauty salon would place him under a fixed therapist and charge him about $275-300 per session, i.e., $900. Added to that would be lotions and emollients, perhaps a thousand dollars all told. He/she could go in for a home laser hair removal system, a simple handheld gadget costing under $350 all told. This could be shared by two or more colleagues, though that would imply a possible change of the light emitting lamp. If you are interested in home laser hair removal, this article reviews best laser hair removal machines manufactured by companies like Tria & Silk’n.

As a matter of interest, the top ten global marathon runners and over 80 of the top 100 marathon athletes are from Africa and jet black in color. According to many analysts and statisticians on the net, “The Kalenjin tribe of Rift Valley Province in Kenya has produced a highly disproportionate share of marathon winners.” The laser is, however, not suited to blacks, for reasons of safety. Their hair and skin could burn. Blondes and redheads are also ruled out because their melanin, the substance that creates pigment, cannot withstand the highly focused and intense laser energy and will suffer skin damage.

Such athletes have to resort to epilation. Epilation is a relatively long-term answer, lasting several weeks. Epilation is done by many methods like Tweezing (hair is tweezed, or extracted with tweezers), Hot waxing (hot wax is applied on the hairy part of the body, allowed to settle and trap all hair and then taken off), Strip waxing (soft wax is spread thinly over the skin and a strip of fabric placed over the soft wax and pressed down to get the strip to adhere to the wax while the wax sticks to the skin; the strip is then ripped off), Threading (a twisted strand of thread catches and pulls out hair as it is moved across the hairy skin), Prescribed drugs and other systems. Epilation is much cheaper per sitting, but requires a session every three to four weeks or so and will cost more in the long term. These days there are inexpensive epilators that can be bought and used at home. For examples of some of the best epilators of 2014, has epilator reviews that cover brands like Braun, Emjoi & Remington. Laser hair removal costs between $1000-1200 all told and is permanent.

I have been running in marathons for over a decade now. I can definitely say that I give out very useful pieces of advice with regard to doing marathons. In fact, most of the people who have gotten advice from me ended up thanking me later on. They told me about how the advice I gave them greatly improved their performance in marathons. Since realizing that I could be of great help to so many people, I have been giving out advice to so many people through this website of mine.

In this post, I’m going to talk about one thing that people who want to join marathons should not take for granted: footwear. No matter how much you train, you will never be able to have a great performance in a marathon unless you have the right footwear. In the worst case scenarios, you might even end up injuring yourself.

For this post, I’m going to talk about the NIKO SB789. I can tell you that you won’t be making the wrong choice should you buy a pair of these shoes. Through their latest technologies, NIKO designed the perfect shoe for running/jogging in the SB789. You’ve probably seen more and more runners sporting it and you might be thinking that it is over-hyped. I can assure you that it isn’t.

Ask any other person who’s been wearing the SB789 and they’ll tell you how it feels great and aids their performance greatly. They’ll tell you that the shoes feel great and make exerting more power not at all uncomfortable. The only downside to the shoes happens to be their price tag. Unfortunately, the SB789 is currently one of the most expensive running shoes in the market. Of course, even though it’s very expensive, serious marathoners will surely find it very much worth their money should they decide to buy a pair.

In my case, I actually did a little bit of binary options trading (click here for more information) to be able to afford the SB789. I actually recommend doing binary options trading to everyone who wants to buy a pair. The simplicity of binary options trading (you only have to call or put on an option to place a trade and possibly make a profit) should prove to be a great way for everyone to earn the money they need for the SB789. You don’t have to be a financial expert to profit from binary options trading (know more about the subject here). In fact, I didn’t know a lot about it until I started doing binary options trading myself.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up proving helpful to all the marathoners out there who read my site. For tomorrow’s post, I’m going to concentrate on diet. Not having the right diet can actually put you in harm should you end up joining the marathon. You need to eat right and drink the right amount of fluids weeks before your marathon. There have been many cases where people died because they didn’t make sure to live a very healthy lifestyle before joining a marathon. Know more about these things in tomorrow’s post.

As strange as it may sound to anyone who’s never run a marathon there are some of us who get a little tired of marathons. Once you’ve done a few of them they become a little, well, ordinary.

Not that there’s anything wrong with marathons. It’s not easy running 42 kilometres and for the vast majority of people that’s a sufficient challenge in itself.

But for some of us that’s not enough. Once you’ve run a number of marathons you begin looking for a greater challenge.

And I found one. It’s ultra marathons. Of course I’ve known about ultra marathons for a long time but finally decided to do a little more work researching them.

I’m not sure which one yet but I’m definitely going to do an ultra marathon this year.

If you’re unfamiliar with them they are an event that covers a greater distance than your average marathon. Some cover 50 miles (80 kilometres) and there are some that will even cover 100 miles (160 kilometres).

And of course this is just some. There are other distances you can choose from as well.

These involve walking as well as running because nobody can run for that entire distance. And some have a set time rather than a set distance, with the winner being the person who covers the most distance in the set time.

Traditionally marathons are run on a paved surface. Commonly they are run in a city. Think of the Boston marathon, for example.

Ultra marathons, however, cover much tougher terrain. One of the toughest is the 4 deserts which was named by Time magazine as one of the top ten endurance competitions in the world. You don’t actually cross 4 deserts during the race, you cross one. But over the years there have been many races crossing many different deserts.

The event runs over 7 days with a total of 250 kilometres covered. You may be in a real desert where it’s extremely hot or even in an extremely cold desert. It might sound strange to talk about a cold desert but one upcoming race is in Antarctica.

In your average marathon you bring along your running shoes, your kit and that’s about it. For a real ultra marathon you have to do some very serious planning to organise your gear.

I will carry a small backpack. You must have food and water as well as emergency supplies such as an implement to light a fire, some shelter if required and some form of bedding. One item that I will carry that is not commonly carried is a small but very sharp knife together with a knife sharpener. You never know when this will come in handy and it’s very light to carry.

It’s also very important to pay attention to your nutrition both before and during the race. I will have a dedicated diet which I will follow strictly and during the race I will eat high calorie foods and take a fish oil supplement.

It’s going to be very interesting. I haven’t decided exactly which ultra marathon I will be choosing but I have decided that I will definitely do one this year.

It might be one of the 4 deserts races, or perhaps I’ll start with a slightly easier one just to work my way into it.

Either way I’ll let you know.

Running a long-distance race or a marathon can be one of the most challenging and, at the same time, rewarding feats you will ever undertake. Even if you are a very experienced runner, completing the distance of more than twenty-six miles can still take your physical body to its limits. It is also a psychological test as well. According to physiological experts, a person can run comfortably up to twenty miles, after which the body’s fuel sources become depleted and the muscles start to feel pain. Thus, a marathon is clearly a test of physical and mental endurance.

To be able to compete and finish a marathon, you have to train properly. This means a lot of effort, time, discipline and commitment. Preparation is especially essential if you are a beginner or running in your first marathon.  As important as finishing the race is avoiding injury and jeopardizing your health. If you are a novice, you should only consider joining a marathon if you have been running for quite some time and can train for the event for at least four months. Otherwise, the race will be too taxing for your body.

The degree of preparation will largely depend on what level of runner you are, whether a beginner, intermediate or advance. As a primary rule, however, never do hard training days consecutively. Instead, alternate your training days between easy and hard. During hard days, you can do long runs or run at a faster pace. It is also advisable to do some running on sloping terrain, as it will do wonders for your stamina. For additional motivation and support, you can join others who are also preparing for a marathon, or find a partner who can do regular runs with you.

Every time you do your training runs, never forget to warm up and cool down, since these will keep your body from injuries while allowing you to get the most benefit from your runs. Warming up activities include stretching, sprinting or light jogs. By warming up, you are telling your muscles, heart and lungs to prepare for a strenuous activity. Cooling down, on the other hand, allows the body to recover. A cool down can be as simple as slowing down your running at the end of our training run. As your body cools down, your heartbeat and breathing will gradually return to their normal rates. You can then do some stretching after the run.

It is important to stay hydrated before, during and after your training runs, so this means you have to drink lots of fluids throughout the day. Hydration is doubly essential specifically for runs that last longer than ninety minutes to replace fluids lost by sweating. You also need to fuel up during this time by eating an energy bar.

A high-quality diet should be part of your training. Quality means eating lots of food that can satisfy hunger without being too full of calories, such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, lean meat, complex carbohydrates, eggs and dairy. Intensive exercise like a long run can really whet your appetite; however, you should be careful about the food you eat. Be sure they provide good nutrition and not just empty calories.

In preparation for a marathon, you should also consider your running shoes and clothing. If your shoes are old and have seen their best days, it is time to replace them since they might cause injury. Socks are as important as your shoes. They should be comfortable for you to avoid painful blisters. When running, dress according to the weather but go as light as possible. Wrapping yourself up too much may result in your body overheating or hinder it from cooling down properly after your training. A few weeks before the marathon, go for a trial run wearing the exact clothes and shoes you will be wearing for the event. This way, you will have assess how comfortable and suitable they will be.

Although it might be tempting to train very hard right before the race, this is not advisable. Experienced runners practice a method called “tapering,” where the body is allowed to rest for three weeks prior to a marathon. During this time, you should lessen your running and increase resting. Tapering enables your body to recover from the highly intensive training of the previous weeks and will better prepare it for the big event.

There are no shortcuts in preparing for an unforgiving and endurance-testing activity as a marathon. When you prepare properly enough to finish it, the reward won’t be just completing the distance. Far more important is the confidence and self-respect it will give you.